Marine Modellers Montreal

Marine Modellers Montreal is A club dedicated to building, sailing and promoting radio controlled model boats of all types and sizes.
Outing at Parc de la Cité, St Hubert

On Monday, September 5th, 2022, the club met at Parc de la Cité, St Hubert. Here is a video.

why Marine Modellers Montreal?

Sail your radio controlled boats with friends, in a controlled environment

Marine Modellers Montreal meeting at Beaver Lake, Montreal
Marine Modellers Montreal meeting at Beaver Lake, Montreal

Benefits of joining MMMontreal

The club is dedicated to all aspects of RC boating (except high speed powered race boats) and has the will, skills and organization to help people of all ages to easily get into this rewarding hobby. Sailing at Baie D’Urfé (open lake) includes a rescue boat that members can use if needed. The club also organizes races between boats which use the Racing Rules of Sailing with some simplifications to suit these smaller boats. If you have trouble viewing any part of this website, especially the FAQ section, please flush your browser cache and refresh the page (click the 3 dots adjacent to the titles, select Clear Browser Data and click button Clear Data). Join Marine Modellers Montreal today.

Racing your RC sailboat

we set up a course, windward/leeward, with a start line in the center of the course, perpendicular to the wind. The races use a normal start with an upwind leg, a leeward leg and a second upwind final leg, or sometimes two times around. Boats are mostly DF65 and Weedless 1M classes. Learn about the Racing Rules of Sailing.


Marine Modellers Montreal club members get together on a regular basis in order to test their boats and sailing skills.


Marine Modellers Montreal club meets monthly to discuss general running of the club, to share ideas and to socialize.


See some pictures of the boats built and sailed by club members

may 28, 2016

RC model boat race at Beaver Lake, Montreal

In this video, part of a race is shown, from after the start to rounding the upwind mark.


Learn the racing rules of RC sailing

This video shows the racing rules as applied to RC sailboats. Learn all about the racing rules of sailing by watching this 22 minute video.

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What members are saying
about Marine Modellers Montreal

Here’s a couple of testimonials from our members:

A few years ago my son had seen some RC sailboats racing in Kingston and expressed an interest in building one to sail in Montreal. When I started looking around, all I could find were expensive pre-assembled boats or kits. Then I came across the Marine Modelers of Montreal and contacted them.  With the guidance of the members we were able to build a Weedless S40 from scratch, which would have been very difficult to do without their expert help and knowledge.  We also  learned how to sail and race RC sailboats, which was the beginning of a great hobby.
Member since 2018
As Covid descended, I had to put my primary hobby on pause.  I now needed something to do, something local.  R/C Sailing.. It’s become a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.  I also take my boat camping!
  • We welcome anyone who has any type of RC sailboat and will offer advice to those who ask.
  • If you are curious about sailing, we have a number of club boats for non-members to try.
  • Or try one of our members’ boats.
  • Choose motorboat or sailboat.
  • Bring your boat if you have one.
  • Enjoy our social get-together.
  • Join Marine Modellers Montreal today
  • Check our YouTube videos.

Get a glimpse of what it is like to sail a radio controlled boat

The club meets most weekends at one of about three locations and may attend larger meetings once in a while. Check our Events Schedule to find out where the next event will be held and visit our group. Introduce yourself and try it out. If you don’t have a radio controlled model boat, don’t let it stop you as the club has a few spare boats. Just let us know in advance so as not to be disappointed. Join Marine Modellers Montreal today.